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Click here and turn up the volume! But now back to the Cosmos! Seasons are obviously much more than dates on the calendar. Many of you will know that I am a big proponent of not only the equinoxes and solstices marking spring, summer, autumn and winter but also the cross-quarter days marking the midpoints between each season.

Another important aspect of Seasons for me is considering Earth as a whole. While I live in the northern hemisphere I am still connected to the southern hemisphere even though I am wont to forget. Winter in one, summer in the other, at the same time. Learning the movement of constellations, frequency of meteors, the paths of Sun and Earth and Moon through zodiac. All these are waiting to be discovered in our hearts.

You bet! And have done so for thousands and thousands of years!

Handmade Heart Candle – Beeswax Sheet Candles

Lighting a beeswax candle invites us to open our heart to both the Earth and starry skies. Makes a lot of sense for the consciousness-seeking spiritual human beings we are! If this is new for you start with marking the Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross Quarter Days in your personal calendar. And look up! A year ago on March 20, I combined earth, water and fire. Lighting a candle right where the melting snow and bare earth connected as the Equinox occurred. Actually, as I recall it was unexpectedly windy at the exact moment.

And that gets to a core of why we light candles in the first place. Create Community Candle Celebrations. Yet it requires some initial boldness on our part! Lighting a candle and gathering together will inspire us in ways we cannot know until we do it! I am reminded again and again to trust this creative connection that appears among us when we gather to light candles.

Or Mid-Summer June 24 celebrations? Which one would be new for you? Bee courageous. Sign up for my email list here: www. Just saying. Which ones are critical for you? One special anniversary I almost missed this year Invitation for diving deeper with Five Questions Summary. We light candles for everything. Have you ever taken notice of when you light candles through the whole year? Lighting a candle sets our intention to pay attention! As you begin your own list of anniversaries, consider asking your friends and family on what stirs them to light candles.

Which ones resonate for you? When do you light a candle? Which other ones would you like to light a candle for? I was three years old. Not one. Yet this date seems to grow in importance. Each year my heart feels gladdened. This year I have been lighting candles for days and days. A feeling of expectancy as something was waiting to be uncovered or discovered or even to be set free.

What a journey it has been. And is. And will be still. Finding voice, finding colour, finding bees and candles.

Candle Gallery

Finding new words. Finding aliveness, joy.

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Finding lots of maya too. Courage of heart. How did a particular anniversary begin? Why has this anniversary been important to me? How do I feel about it this year? What else is this anniversary about for me?

What new light, question, direction, word, gesture is coming towards me? By the way, please share if it feels good to do so. What is new this year as you turn towards it and it turns towards you? And then I realized all these important planetary moments. Did you hear about the General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios initiating their wildflower campaign for the honey bees? More about that at the end of this blog.

In less than 2 hours it is Earth Hour here in the Eastern Time zone. Turning off lights out from — pm. Do you need encouragement to get off the grid? Join millions of people around the world! Or do your own thing that brings you meaningful connection! And if you missed the actual Earth Hour timing apologies for this very very short notice …just create your own little oasis tomorrow instead. All good. Check here for your location. New season, new intentions!

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  • What are yours for the next four months? Try being precise!

    You Light Up My Heart Candle

    Record them somewhere so you will remember them. Create some traction for yourself. Here with the teasing of spring weather, my thoughts go to the bees. The up and down temperatures make it tough for bees to find nectar and pollen and not freeze to death. Wednesday March Another reason the universe is trying to get our attention! Did you know that Easter is connected to this particular full moon? Easter moves around our calendar right?

    Ever wondered how it is determined? At the March Equinox, the sun moves north past the celestial equator. Sort of equal days and nights twice a year. Then Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Equinox. The added touch is that this year the full moon is also an eclipse although faint.

    Many people are doing crazy things under the guise of being led by the Spirit. Always judge what you hear. The devil may just accommodate you. We must be controlled by, manipulated by, and stimulated by the Holy Spirit. Let peace be your umpire Colossians AMP. Be a doer of the Word. James Pray in the Spirit 1 Corinthians Learn and decide to instantly obey the voice of the Holy Spirit in your spirit.

    Share this post:. Hearts On fire. Why We Were Created. Close-up of cake with burning candles on pink backdrop freepik 1k Young couple having romantic dinner freepik Closeup of lit birthday candles birthday wishes concept rawpixel. Red roses flowers with burning candles freepik Decorated cakes with candies; marshmallow and macarons on yellow desk freepik 1k Red roses on white plate freepik Birthday cupcake with illuminated candle on purple background freepik Mood of birthday pressfoto 37 1.

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    Sacred Heart | Lighting A Candle

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