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  1. Maine Natural Areas Program Unpatterned Fen Ecosystem
  2. Conservation and Management
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  4. Unpatterned Fen Ecosystem

Since the fen is on a sloping ground, it is more fertile than a bog, although they share some characteristics. Fens slope into fertile swamps where peat builds up due to the accumulation of dead plants.

Maine Natural Areas Program Unpatterned Fen Ecosystem

There are four types of fens. The sloping fen is the most common, and it is formed when rain water collects at the base of a hill. The basin fen began as a pond or a lake before it fills with decaying plants.

The spring mounds is formed when groundwater is discharged as at a localized point. A lava discontinuity is formed when a recent layer of lava overlie and older lava and melts the rocks preventing groundwater from flowing. The water collects underground for sometimes before emerging to the surface.

Conservation and Management

Water flows in the fen throughout the year because the water table is high and fluctuates slowly. It is crucial that the water level remains stable and should not be drained physically. The land close to the fen should also not be drained to prevent it from drying up and being overrun by weeds.

Grand Summoners - Awoken Fen Showcase

In FEN, two black pawns are pp. Three empty spaces is simply 3 , a black knight is n not "k" -- that's used for the king! Putting all this together, you get pp3nPp which represents that one rank.

That's easy! Now how do I put a diagram in my message? If you want to show a diagram in a message at Chessgames. It will automatically appear as a small diagram, with a link to a larger diagram. For example, if you type this: White to play and draw.

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They also seem to have nightmares about a Laughing Madbot and The Core. They are a Vectron Outcast who rebuilt themself from scrap they found in a trash container. They have a golden arm with three glowing crystals. Their limbs are thin yet strong.

Unpatterned Fen Ecosystem

Fen also wears a scarf wrapped around their head because "It reminds them of someone ". Fen is a lone Vectron Sprite with a taste for destruction and fun. They often encourage Dorothy and other Steambots towards destructive and dangerous actions. Despite their destructive inclination however, Fen is willing to help out Dorothy when needed and proves to be a loyal friend.

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Fen is a Vectron Outcast with manners, they usually seem calm and collected around most situations but they're easily startled and gets nervous when alone. They don't seem to understand many things but they're always eager to help Piper and the rest of the crew. Their background as a vectron hints at them being cast out for not being hellbent on dominating space, instead trying to help people.

Fen Bog Province Region

Level 1 - Lightning Coil 3 damage with one charge, 7 damage with two.