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Violin Sonata arranged for woodwind quintet arr. Tony Turrill. Movements: Allegro molto; Andante; Allegro Vivace. The specific violin sonata is unclear. Fantasia, Op. From the piano duet. Second flute doubles on piccolo. Wanderer-Fantasie, Op. Wolfgang Renz for a dectet of woodwind and string quintets. For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass.

Herr Renz also has a nonet version of the work for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass. Schubert, Heino Schubert, Manfred Schuchlenz, Franz ?


Schudel, Thomas Prologue; 2. Dance; 3. Interlude; 4. Movements: Prologue: adagio, Dance: allegretto, Interlude: andante con moto, Finale: allegro. Schuller, Gunther Three movement work. First and third movements are good but not great. Good for university-level student quintets or advanced high school students. Schultz, Andrew See the AMC site for purchase, listen to a recording, and read program notes. Schultz, Mark Not to be confused with the Canadian Mark Schulz or the Christian music artist of the same name.

Schultz, Svend Simon Schulze, Werner Recorded by the Trondheim Wind Quintet. Of all the pieces in this catalog, this might be the most challenging to find the musicians who can find and play all the instruments to perform the complete work. Schuman, William Introduction; 2. National schottische; 3. The storm polka; 6. Da Vinci waltz; 7. The Charleston; 9. Schumann, Gerhard Schumann, Robert arrangements. Bill Schuetter for double woodwind quintet. Fantasie C-Dur, Op. Wolfgang Renz for harp and woodwind and string quintets. For harp, woodwind quintet, 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass.

Faschingsschwank aus Wien arr. The second oboist optionally doubles on English horn. Easy arrangements of short Schumann piano works, each featuring a different member of the quintet. Written specifically for educational concerts. Gunther Schuller. Wolfgang Renz for dectet, woodwind and string quintets. Schuster, Giora Schuster, Gordon arranger. The Herald Angels Sing.

Earl C. Versions also available for flute and double reed ensembles. Schwaen, Kurt Schwake, Kurt Karl von ?


Inventory of Orchestra Music Libraries (IOML)

Schwartz, Elliott S. From Berg Lyric suite; II. From Webern Concerto, Op. From Schoenberg Variations for orchestra, Op. From Webern Variations orchestra ; V. From Berg Violin concerto. Composed for the New Hampshire Music Festival. Bird sounds on CD available from the composer. Schwartz, Nan Louise Schweinitz, Wolfgang von Each variation demonstrates a compositional device — pointalism, tone, fauxbourdon, fugue, et al.

Bach arr. Selections from The Nutcracker Suite arr. Marsha Schweitzer. Published by Marsha Schweitzer. Schweizer, Alfred Schwehr, Cornelius Schwertsik, Kurt First performed by the Eichendorrf-Quintett. See also the German-language Wikipedia. Proviant: fuer Blaesersextett, Op. Sciarrino, Salvatore The 1 st , 3 rd , and 5 th works are for 2 violins, viola, violoncello and piano; the 2 nd , for 2 flutes, 2 clarinet, and piano; the 4 th , for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and celesta. Performance instructions in Italian, English and German.

FYI, Quintettino No. For woodwind quintet, 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass. Sclater, James Misspelled as Schlater in certain online catalogs. Scogna, Flavio Emilio Scott, Austin Alan Duration In Dogwood Cove; II. An old meeting house; III. Scott, James The Fascinator arr. Rachel Malloch.

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Scott, Jeff Based on jazz vocals of Josephine Baker. Commissioned by Monmouth Winds in Jeff Scott is hornist with the Imani Winds and a unique composing voice for the 21 st century quintet. For the technically adept and rhythmically secure quintet, with a jazzy, urban feel. Could be good for making a hip statement as a concert opener or as a crowd-pleasing encore. Named after th Nigerian soprano Titilayo Abedokun, who wrote the melody on which the quintet is based.

In honor of Duke Ellington.

Franz Schubert - Fantasia for piano, 4 hands in F minor, D. 940

It has been performed and recorded by the Imani Winds. Both clarinets use A clarinets. Commissioned by Utah State University, Logan. From the YouTube excerpt, this work has the feel of a Latin Big Band more than the usual concerto of quintet and band. Scott, Rupert Scott, Stephen Scriabin, Alexander Scriabiniana for woodwind quintet, violin and viola arr. Willard Elliot. Scribner, William arranger. Four dance selections from two 19 th century Puerto Rican composers. Sculthorpe, Peter Yoshua Sear, Walter E.

Search, Frederick P. Sebek, Jan Sedlacek, Bohuslav Seeger, Ruth Porter Crawford An interesting, challenging work using some tone-row techniques but not, strictly, serial music. Bassoon part is particularly challenging in the 3 rd movement, where it is often in octaves with the flute on the fast-moving theme. Recommended for the brave quintet. Segerstam, Leif Selim Clarinet doubles on bass clarinet. Recorded by the Helsinki Quintet, on the Bis label. Parts consist of 5 copies of the playing score. The titles for these two works are listed with various spellings in different catalogs or articles.

Sehlbach, Oswald Erich Seiber, Matyas It is a single-movement work of moderate difficulty with many tempo changes. Seidel, Jan Concertino for five wind instruments Concertino pro pet dechovych nastroju. If a Czech-speaking musician can make sense out of it all, please let me know.

Seitz, Paul Clarinet doubles on bass clarinet; oboe doubles on English horn.

Audio samples on www. Sejk, Karel Self, Jim Premiered in Selig, Robert Semiatin, Lionel Semmler, Alexander The manuscript is at the M. A look at his manuscripts of works for winds at the above library might be a productive research project. Senaille, Jean Baptiste ca. Senstius, Kai Helmer An unpublished work of this Danish composer. This is an unpublished work; not able to find the exact instrumentation to see if it is a double woodwind quintet. Recorded by Windscape. Pieza elegiaca; 2. Danza; 2.

Cancion de amor. First performed by the Crusell Quintet in PDF of score available to download. Serocki, Kazimierz See also her info on the Scottish Music Centre website. Sestak, Zdenek Seter, Mordecai Four pieces from a collectioh of 12 piano pieces in 3 volumes, composed in Sewell, Domenic John the Baptist; No. Matthew; No.

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  • Paul; No. Augustine; No. Mark; No. Francis of Assisi; No. Peter; No. Luke; No. Shabalala, Joseph Shaffer, Jeanne E. Simon Shaheen is Palestinian composer, born in Galilee, who went on to study in New York and has performed with a number of internationally known Arab-music ensembles. Dance Mediterranea was originally recorded by his ensemble, Qantara in and, apparently, later arranged for quintet. Shapey, Ralph Clarinet doubles E-flat clarinet and bass clarinet, flute doubles piccolo and alto flute, bassoon doubles contrabassoon, oboe doubles English horn.

    Movements: Adagio; Moderato; Allegro. Performed by the Dorian Wind Quintet. Likewise, the harmony moves freely from austerely contrapuntal to the richly homophonic. Shapira, Arie Performed by the Tel Aviv Woodwind Quintet. Shapiro, Alex Archipelago for woodwind and string quintets or with additional piano revised version Scored for normal woodwind quintet with 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass. The version adds piano. Some are similar to each other, and others cause me to wonder what the geo- and meteorological forces could have been to make them so contrasting.

    This piece is not dissimilar, as it wends its way through a series of cohesive but varied segments, each subject to the forces of my own emotional geology. Sharman, Rodney Movements: Sempre staccato; Andante. Uses additional triangle. Sharp, Elliott Shatin, Judith Energetic; 2. Glistening; 3. Premiered and recorded by the Clarion Wind Quintet. Shaw, Lowell E. Shawn, Allen Shchetynsky Shchetinsky , Alexander Shepard, Adeline Shepherd, Arthur Shepherd, Sean Honey Mustard; 2. Balsamic; 3. Rasberry; 4.

    Lemon Dijon. Perhaps there are two different versions of the piece. Sheppard, James Sheriff, Noam Debka Rafiach arranged for Woodwind Quintet, 1 percussion, bass clarinet, guitar and doublebass. Sherman, Norman Written for the Canadian Wind Quintet. Flute doubles piccolo.

    e-book Capriccio: Piano Duo/Duet (2 Pianos, 4 Hands) (Kalmus Edition)

    Simultaneous fast slow; 2. Moderate proportions; 3. Triples; 4. Within; 5. Timbres in motion. Recorded by the York Winds. For flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and percussion.

    Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, third edition

    Forward and deliberate; II. Lively but refined; III. Extremely slow. Sherman, Robert W. Shin, Seongah Shirah-Hiers, Lisa Anne Shlonsky, Verdina Shore, Clare Commissioned by the Dakota Wind Quintet. From its fanfare-like beginning to its quivering, haunting close, the piece covers an immense amount of dramatic territory. Short, Michael Also check the Scottish Music Centre. The Imani Winds must have liked the piece, because they used the title for an entire album of modern quintets.

    Shostakovich, Dmitri arrangements. Jerry Neil Smith. Good for educational concerts. Adam Lesnick. James Cheek. Mark A.

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    Suite from Moscow Cheremushki, Op. Trevor Cramer for double woodwind quintet. There is optional percussion. Second Waltz, from Suite No. Bryan Doughty. Shuken, Leo Shulman, Alan Sibelius, Jean arrangements. Gustave Langenus. Siccardi, Honorio Movements: En la loma; El trebolar; Arreo. Siddall, Jon Siebert, Friedrich Written for solo horn with pairs of flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons. Siegl, Otto Siegmeister, Elie Siennicki, Edmund J.

    Sierra, Roberto Three movements share thematic material, complete with references of popular Puerto Rican tunes and tropical sounds. Recorded by the Quintet of the Americas on Newport Classic, Sigmund, Oskar For 2 flutes doubling piccolo, alto flute , oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, 2 horns and 2 bassoons. Zerstreutes Hinausschauen arr. Martin Smolka. Silliman, A. Cutler Silva Callado, Joaquim Antonio da Silverman, Faye-Ellen Commissioned by and dedicated to the Con Spirito Woodwind Quintet.

    In this short work, five different ideas — each with distinct tempo, timbre, and melodic or gestural material — are intercut. The ordering of these ideas which often vary with each appearance is meant to seem unpredictable. The nonchalant bassoon material — a meandering melody that continually gets diverted — unifies the composition via its appearance at the beginning, end, and within the work. As with the title and, hence, with the form , the dance-like nature of some of the main ideas also derives from free association with the name Con Spirito.

    The work is soft at both beginning and ending, as are many works that begin from nothing and recede to nothing. The held notes of the slower sections contrast minor with major seconds. The flute part uses harmonics to soften the sound as the work approaches its end. Simaku, Thomas Simbriger, Heinrich Simek, Miroslav Simeonov, Blago Simon, Hermann Simon, James Described by slatkin[at]netvision. A copy of the manuscript was obtained by the Israel Woodwind Quintet which performed it.

    Simon, John Simon, Ladislav SEE Arrieu, Claude. Simon, Paul Simons, Marijn Molto allegro; 2. Molto tranquillo; 3. Allegretto; 4. Allegro; 5. Andante; 6. Andante flessibile hommage to Anton Webern. Simpson, Daniel Leo Sims-Williams, Nicholas Others double on piccolo and English horn. Three movements. Singer, Andre Singleton, Alvin Premiered at the Tanglewood New Music Festival. Clarinet in A. Described as a Neo-Baroque work, as the movement titles suggest. Siqueira, Jose de Lima Dedicated to the Quintet of Rio de Janeiro.

    Also recorded by the Quinteto Villa-Lobos. Divertimento 1 para Doble Quinteto de Sopro double woodwind quintet. Sirulnikoff, Jack Overture and country dance; 2. Drinking song; 3. Procession out of the woods; 4. Entrance of Sganarelle as doctor ; 5. Love scene; 6. Closing dance. Sitsky, Larry Overture: Bohemian polka; 2. Melody in F; 3. Mazurka fantasie; 4. Serenade; 5. Waltz caprice; 6. Romance; 7. Finale: Staccato etude.

    Composer is Australian. For Quintet with solo horn, tape, live elektronics. Sjoblom, Heimer Tre stycken for blaskvintett, Op. Movements: Entrata; Fantasia; Finale. Movements: Fantasia; Scherzo; Meditazione; Danza. Ski-Berg, Veronica Skilton, Charles Sandorf Pohadkova suita Fairy Tale Suite , for woodwind quintet and percussion. Sklenka, Johann Skoglund, Erland Skolaude, Walter Skolnik, Walter Skorik, Miroslav Mikhailovich Wikipedia erroneously calls this work a string quartet. Skorzeny, Fritz However the morbidity following severe Globalization and the changing nature of work have brought many new health and safety challenges to the workplace, especially for developing countries.

    Body dysmorphic disorder BDD is not uncommon, frequently onsets in early to late adolescence from age 12 to 16 years , and is associated with severe impairments. Despite its prevalence and impact, current evidence Although amphetamine users experience significant harms associated with their use, help-seeking and treatment uptake is low. One of the greatest challenges for sustaining the ecosystem services that we, as a society, derive from marine ecosystems is to minimize the knowledge gap relating to marine ecosystem values. That is, identifying, eliciting Financial conglomerates—a group of financial institutions under common control—are the salient feature of the Indonesian financial system.

    Various issues stem from their complex organisational structures, cross-sectoral Third place is a concept which describes informal neighbourhood meeting places outside of home first place or work second place. This thesis applies the concept to community gardens and in doing so, relates the Ischaemic heart disease IHD remains a leading cause of death worldwide and clinical therapies to improve cardiac outcomes following associated acute myocardial infarction AMI remain elusive.

    Subjecting the heart to Several treatments for skin pigmentation are available today, however, many have unwanted side effects. Clar,horn,trpt original and trans. Score, 2. Score, 2,2,2,2 — 2,2,0,0 timp, strings 9,8,4,4,2 clarinets in A, 2nd also Bb, horns in A, trumpets in D.

    Score, 2,2,2,2 — 2,2,0,0 timp strings 10,13,6,8 cello and bass printed together Trumpet I in F. Symphonic Band This set is very incomplete. There may be more instruments missing aside from the ones listed, however, there is no score to consult.