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Rolling Stone stands by Gerard Way calling the song "arguably the greatest song ever written," and BBC America wonders if the song is the best rock song in history. It's also a piece of art shrouded in mystery. Still, 40 years later, "Bohemian Rhapsody" continues to be a revered favorite for music fans everywhere, including some of the below, who have created epic covers of the song since its release.

See some of our favorite renditions here. Here's what you can do. Most Popular. The wedding still happened. Bay Area thieves steal duffel bag, unaware it's full of snakes. It is this depth of emotional the narrator brings out -- the highs, the lows, the tragedy, the pride, the power, the rise So if you are in the mood for fantastic book that transcends the genre, then absolutely pick this audiobook up -- it has the feeling of a modern Greek epic.

The First Law Universe. One of the best fantasy book series period and one of the best audiobook performances to boot. This is one of those rare reading performances by a master narrator where the audiobook makes a great book into something grand. The Blade Itself first in the First Law series is brutally dark book interspersed by moments of dry humor something that is performed perfectly by Steven Pacy in his narration of it.

Best of Arthur Spooner (Compilation) - The King of Queens - TV Land

Pacy nails down the cynicism and dry humor of the characters perfectly: the dry humor and sarcasm of the characters is blended seamlessly with the gritty world. The author's powerful voice and engaging British accent give each character a certain gravitas -- you FEEL the emotional complexity of The Bloody Nine the philosophical barbarian psychopathic killer ; you empathize with the plight of the tortured-turned-torturer Glokta as he unwillingly plies his dark trade while trying to do what is right.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the audiobook over reading the book. The audiobook version IS the way you should experience Abercrombie's work -- not only his astounding First Law trilogy, but his other books in the series as well. Don't even think about skipping this one. And if you've had the pleasure of reading it, do yourself a huge favor and listen to these audiobooks -- a whole new story will come to life from Pacey's reading. With a Martin-esque plot and Jim Butcher pace, The Axe and the Throne audiobook is a definite "must listen" for even the pickiest fantasy fans.

In his stunning debut, Ireman has built the type of world so vivid and engrossing that leaving it at the end is agony. This is no fairytale. Kingkiller Chronicle. Though the s are considered a golden age of Fantasy, one novel that has stood out among the greats is The Name of the Wind a remarkable book that remains one of the greatest modern fantasy books ever written.

The Name of the Wind has topped many of our best fantasy book lists -- and for good reason. If you havent read this remarkable book and the followup sequel , make this book your next read. A good book can be made an even better audiobook with the right narrator at the helm. Between the two, Degas is far superior and reads the definitive version of The Name of the Wind and the sequel book. Listen to this masterpiece of fantasy novel with one of the greatest performances youll ever hear in an audiobook.

Don't pass this fantastic audiobook up. The Kingkiller Chronlicles is one of the best fantasy series ever written and the audiobook versions by Degas lives up to the book in every way, adding an additional dimension of reality to the story. If there is one audiobook to listen to before you die, The Name of the Wind narrated by Degas is that book. The Stormlight Archive. Take one part of the Wheel of Time and two-parts Mistborn adding in more character building, an even grander vision of the world, a sophisticated magic system, and you have The Way of Kings THE epic high fantasy series of our generation.

If Wheel of Time was big, Sanderson aims to do bigger and better on every front with his Stormlight Archive saga. The narration sees shared voicing by both Michael Kramer THE man with the deepest voice in the narration business and Kate Reading to narrate a diverse cast of male and female characters. Both Kramer and Reading are also the same pair that narrates the Wheel of Time mega series. And they repeat their magic here in The Stormlight Archive, bringing the same magical voices to this epic fantasy tale. The Way of Kings leaps from the pages to become something akin to a movie in your mind.

I also feel the audiobook version is better too with the two narrators now at the peak of their craft and doing and even better job with the story and characters in this series than the WOT. Especially of note is Michael Kramer's narrative ability who when he opens his mouth is just about the best thing to listen to since The Beatles.

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This guy has narrated hundreds of audiobooks and is one of the most popular and best narrators on the planet. Though I usually prefer the British accent for fantasy book narration, Kramer's unique deep voice is the quintessential male voice you imagine for any hero. If you are looking for epic fantasy in the style of Wheel of Time or Mistborn, The Way of Kings audiobook is going to be your new best friend. There are two books out so far and they will take you nearly 40 hours to get through each audiobook, however.

So be prepared to sink a lot of time into getting through the audiobooks. Fortunately, it does not feel like a chore and you'll likely be giving up a serious amount of your sleep time to the effort! If you want some seriously good fantasy extremely gritty, grimdark fantasy , The Broken Empire Books are some of the best out there the books top our Top 25 Best Fantasy Books list and make quite a few of our other lists. Those phenomenal books become even BETTER when you listen to the audiobook version by British narrator James Clamp who manages to nail down exactly what you expect the characters to sound like in the story.

Indeed, once in a while you listen to an audiobook and the narrator BECOMES the characters so utterly that you cant pull apart the story from the voiced narration. This is one of those examples, and it's an audiobook that MUST be listened to if you can get your hands on it. James Clamp does a stand out performance here; his performance of Lawrences Prince Jorg is pitch perfect perfection itself, embodying exactly how the character would be.

The broken story of troubled Prince Jorg of Ancraft is stripped from the dry pages of the book and raised to life through Clamps powerful and compelling narrative powers. It's a story and voiced narration that you feel deep into your bones with Clamp's handling Jorg's gentle introspective soliloquies about the nature of man to his cocky and brash confidence as a leader hell bent on revenge in absolute perfect voice and style. It's a rather philosophical reading of the character and the overall feeling is one of an introspective character observing the character around him but never connecting to it on a personal level, which is exactly the character of Jorg himself.

Clamp's style has a melancholy note to it and is often dry and reserved rather than enthusiastic.

Little weight is given to voice acting inflections, which is usually a negative point on part of the narrator. But in this rare case, such lack of inflection and acting on the narrator's part fits perfectly the character of Jorg perfectly. Note that the sequel trilogy is narrated by Tim Curry , who also does a stand up job albeit with a more voice-acting style suitable for the character of the conniving rogue Jalan. Song of Ice and Fire. This is a series thats conquered both the literary world and now the cinematic world. People call Martin the 'American Tolkien' for good reason -- he's getting to be that popular at this point.

A mountain of words could be written about the state the series is in now -- be it good or bad. The common sentiment is that Martin has lost his way with the last two books and his glacial writing pace does not make it look like he will be finishing the series 2 or 3 more books left? Such is the state of things that even the massively popular HBO show in Season 5 finally parted ways with the narrative thread of the books and is inventing their own plot-lines, for better or for worse.

Regardless of the state of Martin's series, A Song of Ice and Fire is the series thats launched a literary and cinematic franchise and has been highly influential on the fantasy genre as a whole, inspiring countless new authors and crafting the shape of the fantasy landscape we know. The series especially the early series Book 1 to 3 are magnificent and an example of just how powerful a intricately detailed fantasy story can be. With a huge caste of characters you love, hate, learn to hate and hate to love, A Song of Ice and Fire is a story you will never forget.

And its brought to life through Roy Dotrice captivating performance. Dotrice's narration of such a large cast actually set a Guinness Book of World Records for single-handedly voicing the most characters in a narrative production hundreds over the Song of Ice and Fire series , each with a different voice! If this is not a testament to Roy Dotrice's skill as an audiobook narrator, then I don't know what is! Now there is a lot said about how good a job Dotrice does on the first three books but many people dislike his performance of the last two books, so keep this in mind.

The first three books both the books and audiobooks are the strongest in the series with a decline after. With this in mind, I still highly recommend you listen to the audiobook versions of A Song of Ice and Fire. Dotrice does a remarkable job voicing the characters, bringing them to life just as strongly as the HBO series has done through the cinema. If the series falters a bit after, it still does not take away how remarkable a job Dotrice does. Listen to a Sample of Roy Dotrice's voice. One of my favorite fantasy trilogies of all time and one of the best audiobook trilogies.

Top 25 Best Fantasy Audiobooks

Youll fall in love with the characters and their stories thanks to Robin Hobbs ability to draw you into her richly portrayed world. The story and characters truly come to life thanks to the cultured British voices of Paul Boehmer and James Langton. The narration is so good, so perfect, that you may want even want to listen to the trilogy, again and again, just to lose yourself in it.

The skill of the narrators combines with Hobbs ability to paint realistic characters to perfectly bringing out the flavor of the characters and their full power of their relationships the bond between animals, mentors, friends are fully realized here. This is not a tale full of non-stop action though its there, scattered around in key areas , but a coming of age story of relationships and how a young bastard tries to find the nook and crannies to fit into a world that does not want him, yet utterly needs him.

I absolutely recommend this audiobook series for those who want a slower-paced, character driven fantasy about relationships. There is no other fantasy story out there that's as poignant drawn as The Farseer.

The best Queen songs you've probably never heard

One of the best fantasy series ever written and one of the best audiobook narrative performances to boot. If you like scary stories, Abhorsen Trilogy now called 'The Old Kingdom' as Garth Nix is expanding the universe with more tie in books is one of the best dark fantasy tales in the genre. It's not only scary, it's also touching in a way that few fantasy novels are. The world-building is great, full of mystery, magic, and danger -- a once magical kingdom now crumbling to ruin, haunted by creatures of the night.

The Abhorsen Trilogy is the story of a family of sorcerers who become the Abhorsen -- an anti-necromancer who's responsible for controlling death and ensuring the dead, well, stay dead. Toss in a land that's fallen into ruin, magic gone wild, a world divided into an Old World a ruined, crumbling kingdom where magic haunts the land and a New World a modern world where magic does not exist , and throw in strong, headstrong women on a mission to set things right and perhaps find their missing family and you have a ridiculously good tale for all ages.

Garth Nix creates an absolutely compelling, highly developed world that's packed with mystery, magic, and a lot of creepy darkness. The fantasy elements are deep, but it's also the story of family, of relationships, of a father's enduring love. If you love epic fantasy this series is an absolute treat to read. And if you have not read the book or better yet, listened to the audiobooks just yet, well, you are in for a real treat indeed. The audiobook version narrated by Tim Curry is like the best Christmas come early.

Curry's masterful narration of the story will have you eager to turn off the lights and curl up by the fireplace just listen to this creepy, yet utterly captivating tale. Curry's ability to draw the characters with his rich British voice, bringing out every nuance and mannerism of each character to full effect, is a wonder. The three books each a related yet different tale come life through Curry's performance.

The Abhorsen audiobooks are one of the great audiobook performances and you absolutely should NOT miss listening to these. If you haven't read the books yet, make the audiobook version your next listen. You won't regret it. The Vagrant was one of my top five favorite fantasy books of Those who appreciate a very well written, yet understated style of storytelling think Hemingway , a darkly macabre world, and a narration that doesn't hold your hand at the beginning of the story will especially find this book something remarkable.

The book has gone on to make waves garnering quite a lot of critical praise I recently saw the author of The Prince of Thorns shout out the book after reading it. The sequel to The Vagrant is my most anticipated book this year. Now the book is good, but the audiobook narration nails the story, the mood, and the characters down perfect. The narrator Jot Davies brings a sense of mournful humanity to his voicing of the characters.

As the characters struggle through the tragic world, Davies adds that human depth to the characters fully bringing to life the characters. Absolutely one of the best audiobooks of hands down, and a standout performance by a talented narrator whos voicing captures the all the character quirks you would imagine that a character would The Dark Tower is Stephen Kings masterpiece, his magnum opus. The series is wildly uneven, starting strong, lagging in the middle, going strong again, then finishing on a bit of a whimper.

But as a whole, its something marvelous a wild ride from start to the very finish. It's also showcases the talents of one of the greatest audiobook narrators: the late, great Frank Muller. The story of the audiobook narration of The Dark Tower itself is just as twisty and as windy as the story of Rolland's quest of the Dark Tower and Stephen King's own personal journey to write it. The original audiobook narrator was Frank Muller who narrates the first four books of the Dark Tower series.

Tragically, Muller died in after a six-year recovery battle from a serious motorbike accident and was never able to complete the last three books in the series. So good, so majestic, so nuanced was Mullers rendition of the first four books that Stephen King himself credits Frank Mullers original reading of the first four Dark Tower books for helping King get back into The Dark Tower story to finish writing the last 3 books after the years and years of delay between the forth and fifth book.

In essence, Muller becomes part of the story of the Dark Tower itself and becomes an essential element of both King and King's hero Roland journey to the Dark Tower. George Guidall took over from Muller, finishing the last three books. But it left a broken continuity to the series with Mullers narration of the first four then Guidalls voice for the last three. To fix this, Guidall goes back and narrates new versions of the first four books. As such, the most common version of the Dark Tower audiobooks are Guidall's modern reading of them. To ignore the power that was Frank Muller's original reading back in the infancy of the audiobook movement when audiobooks were distributed as tape cassettes is to lose something vital, something powerful, something primal to the reading of The Dark Tower.

For one of the best audiobook performances ever to grace the world, listen to Frank Mullers The Dark Tower the first four books. To find Muller's version, you may have to search wide and far online. Love or hate The Wheel of Time series, you can't deny the impact it's had on the fantasy genre as a whole. It's large, it's bloated, it loses it's way part way through, yet at the same time it's one of the most comprehensive and richly detailed fantasy worlds ever built.

It's a series that should be read -- if you can must the formidable time and patience to wade though the ten or so thousand pages required. And for those who can and do, there are amble rewards scattered between the pages. The audiobook version is an example of what the format is capable of and how much more life a good audio narration can breathe into the story.

The Wheel of Time audiobook is a standout performance by Kate Reading and Michael Crammer two of the best American narrators in the business. The Wheel of Time has a huge cast of characters both male and female and having both a male and female narrator cycle through the gender specific POVs helps to bring the story to life.

The male narration of Rand al Thor by Michael Crammer is perfect Crammers rich, deep baritone voice bringing to life the hero and his journey in a way thats believable and right. Crammers got one of the best voices in the narration business; once you hear that voice youll never forget it. Hes my personal favorite narrator. Id argue that The Audiobook Version of WOT IS the way the book is meant to be experienced and it wrings out a lot of extra nuance from the story that you wont get by just reading. At 13 books long, WOT draws up one of the most complex and well-developed fantasy worlds ever put to pen.

The series lags in the middle for many volumes and Brandon Sanderson comes to the rescue to finish the series by the end. But a strong performance with one of the deepest voice narrators in the business.

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If you want to lose yourself for WEEKS in one of the largest, most developed fantasy worlds ever created, read to you by two of the best male and female narrators out there, listen to The Wheel of Time. Kan Savasci: a legend, a warrior, a mageā€¦ hero and villain. Tears of a Heart marks the tale of a young man, Aeden, who unwittingly shapes the world. The writing is beautiful, layered, and timely.

Chase Blackwood weaves an intricate tale that hints at so much more. And that may be its greatest challenge. Tears of a Heart, the first book in the series, was beautifully written, and interesting. It shows us an amazing world filled with detail and depth, but for a portion of it, just a touch slow.

The writing, such beautiful writing, overshadows this, as does the ending. Tower of the Arkein , the next book in the series, is where the story truly begins to unfold, and where Chase Blackwood shines as an author. It is fast paced, full of action, adventure, and love.

A very strong entry in the fantasy genre, and if the next book is equally as good, expect it to make quite a splash. You can buy on Amazon now. Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne. I've already said a lot about how damn good the book itself is and now I want to tell you how much better the audiobook is! Vance becomes each characters, delivering a startling performance and completely captivating you from start to end in both the first and second book in the series.

What especially stands out here with his performance is that Vance voices each character and their individual nuances perfectly giving each character the unique character voice and portrayal they rightly deserve. And this makes the audiobook something pretty special. Ive talked a lot about how damn good The Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne is as one of the best new epic fantasy series to come out this decade. So don't you dare miss this one. The Dresden Files is pretty much THE detective urban fantasy series that's spawned a thousand lesser imitators but few peers.

Kick-ass wizard detective.

Read e-book The Queens Best: A Chronicle of the Best of the Best

A noir setting. Non-stop action. Double check. If you haven't started The Dresden Files, you are missing out on something powerfully good. While the series is a bit uneven, it's one of those that starts off slow, but gathers some serious momentum. Expect a lot of sleepless nights if you start it. James Marsters narration of The Dresden Files is fantastic, giving added depth and humanity to the character of Harry Dresden.

It's such a good narration of the books because James Marster pitches Harry Dresden with the perfect blend of world-wariness, sarcasm, and brazen devil-may-care heroics. Exactly the characteristics you would expect of the detective, all of which are nailed into Marster's voice as he reads. The Divine Cities. The novel starts off slow, but once it picks up steam, it never slows.

There's also some fantastic world building by Bennett with a whole world, lore, history, and mythos that's slowly revealed as the story progresses. The characters too are strong indeed. Bennett has always been an author who imbues his characters with complexity and City of Stairs is no exception to that.

The characters leap from the story as real entities and you really care for them. The audiobook is superbly narrated by Alma Cuervo who proves she's got the voice to stand peer to peer with the best in the business. A remarkable reading on her part for both the male and female character voices. Alma manages to capture every nuance of the female protagonist, wringing out emotion in the right times, and giving the right kick to the action scenes.

One of the best performances and one of the best female narrators out there, hands down. If you love grimdark, Scull is putting out some of the best stuff in the genre right now equal in every way to Abercrombie. Doyles callus British accent and voice acting skills when voicing different characters especially complement the tone of the novel. Doyle does that thick cockney accent on some of the characters to perfection which helps flesh out the dark and gritty state of things in the war-torn world falling apart.

If you are looking for a powerful grimdark tale that rings all those bells that Abercrombie, Lawrence, and Cook ring, then this books is not to be missed. Keep in mind the world -- and events -- are some of the darkest and most brutal you will likely read. This is not a series for the faint of heart. But man, it's a hell of a series so far, made so much more impacting in the audiobook version by the awesome narrative prowess of Gerard Doyle who will have you cringing as the cast of characters are brutalized by the world and each other.

This is British cockney accent done so right, and so perfectly fitted for the context and characters of the novel. The Traitor Son Cycle. One of the best fantasy series currently out there thats quickly making some serious waves in the fantasy world. This is fantasy like youve never read it before full of detailed minutia, packed with a huge cast of characters, and full of non-stop action from cover to cover. There's sorcery, there's sword fights, there's knights, there's ladies, there's monsters, there's heroes, and there's an expanding and intricate plot that keeps on getting deeper with every novel.

Cameron writes a lot of medieval military minutia into his series. Everything is lavishly drawn, based on realistic Medieval history, from the weight of the armor to the layout of the military camps to knightly battles and tournaments. Mathew Wolf somehow manages to pack all this detail into his narration without missing a beat -- and to keep you utterly captivated on the story all the while.