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Still a classic, the wooden stake remains one of the best tools to use for vampire killing. Really, all a wooden stake is is a piece of wood with one edge sharp enough to pierce human flesh. Or inhuman flesh in this case.

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If you think of monsters in terms of sports, vampires are those great offensive players who can always score, but are pretty crappy defenders. Sure, their speed and strength give them a big advantage, but the truth about vampires is they are too used to overpowering their opponent with their offensive capabilities that very few have spent much time learning to defend themselves.

Knowing this, the key to killing a vampire using a wooden stake is to strike first. Yes, that means playing offense against the offensive powerhouse, but in this game of life and death, you only need to score once. Okay, enough with the sports analogy, but the lesson remains the same: a vampire will let its guard down fairly easily.


You should attack quickly and without hesitation. A vampire can heal from most injuries, but a wooden stake through the heart is not one of them. Though they heal quickly, their skin and bones are just as fragile as any humans, so the key to killing them is to make it so they can't heal. Which brings us to Again, the curse of silver begins before the first vampire became a vampire , when the goddess Artemis Greek mythology cursed the first vampire so that his skin burned when it touched silver.

Using silver is a bit like a blend between sunlight and a wooden stake. It doesn't work as well as either of those two options, but it has advantages of its own. First of all, unlike sunlight, silver is highly portable. You can carry an item of solid silver make sure it's real, solid silver please with you easily. Secondly, it won't kill a vampire to stab it in the heart with silver as it would using a wooden stake , but it will slow down the healing process, which can be very helpful.

In order to actually kill a vampire using silver, you'd probably need a lot of it. Silver is more helpful as a slowing or trapping agent. Vampires, despite their strength, cannot break a chain of silver, even if they tried. If you could somehow manage to handcuff a vampire to a tree, say, using silver handcuffs, all you would have to do is wait until the sun rose the next day and you would have yourself a fried vampire.

Of course, how you would actually manage to accomplish this task is another story. At first, fire seems like an easy fix to your vampire problems, but there is a problem. Yes, it will burn vampires, just like it burns humans, but unlike sunlight and silver, it's only through natural means that a vampire will burn by fire.

Midterm elections: Jim Carrey depicts Ted Cruz as a vampire in satirical new drawing | indy

What I mean is, the reason sunlight and silver burn a vampire and cause its healing process to slow dramatically is because vampires are inherently cursed by these two elements. While fire can burn just as well as sunlight or silver, it does nothing to slow the healing process of the vampire, because vampires are not cursed with a weakness to fire.

If you're going to use fire to kill a vampire, you're going to need to have a big fire and have the vampire stuck in it for a long time. Probably, say, an hour to be safe, though about a half hour will usually do the trick. Take aim and let those rag dolls fly! The third studio album from self-proclaimed "prunge" artist Kevin Nichols; delves into the perils of depression and anxiety.

Cracking compilation of unreleased songs from punk and garage bands in support of the recent Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. This Atlanta group have a unique take on Americana, bridging queer cabaret culture of the s and '30s with punchy contemporary rock. Explore music.

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Vampire Sunshine by Lucky Country. Purchasable with gift card. With this track we were interested in fusing together rock and dance oriented sounds. Most of the backing track was built by Young, using Reason. Kreisler contributed bass, words, and vocals. Ward plays some lead gat. It was mastered at Studios in Sydney. We really wanted to explore the psychedelic nature of this album. We can have a soft song. We can have a new wave song on the album. I watched a lot of video of people on YouTube of people performing in the street during the Holi Festival.

The song treats religion almost as a superstition, or questions its existence. I paid close attention to organized religion and the caste system — and any religion that would put its foot down on people to keep them at a lower level. This feeling of completion and success came from that song because we felt like that. It was like, 'Cool, it was OK to grow up. Death signs off, plays you the National Anthem and a blast of sound, just before we get our big end credit.

Source: 1. I love your idea of older vampire lance who everyone thinks is younger than vampire shiro, it's cute and i could totally see it happening!!! So here you go. Causing Shiro to jump and turn to see a tall lean male coming to stand behind him.

Agency BETC/Havas perfectly promotes Fox's 'The Passage'

Wine glass in hand. He was not surprised when his gaze feel on Lance. But he knows Lance well enough to know he was probably asking the woman where she got so he could have his own. Something he would roll his eyes at as he watched it all. Even when he would ultimately join in the fun after a few hours. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

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These Posters for a Vampire TV Show Erupt In Flames When The Sun Rises

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